Reply To: The Fleets Thread


A by-product of the creative fleet challenge:

HMS Salient(20)+ Sir Peter Miles(6), Thomas Gunn(5), Sir Christopher Myngs(3), Commodore Rhys Gryffyn Owen(0), oarsman(1)

Maui’s Fishhook(20)+ Commander Temple(6), Hermione Gold+Trevor van Tyne(5+2), oarsman(1)

El San Francisco(8)+ Bianco’s Haulers(3)


Similar in concept to my actual entry for the challenge. HMS Salient and Peter Miles will go around damaging ships and using the switchblades to activate Miles’s ability to take a treasure. The Salient only has one open cargo space however, so a majority of her function will be softening ships up for the Maui’s Fishhook. Commander Temple leads her, along with the dynamic duo of Hermione Gold and Trevor van Tyne, the only 2 point musketeer. Temple will take advantage of the hoist arm on the Fishhook to steal ships, hopefully with gold on them. In case the Salient and Fishhook have trouble finding targets, El San Francisco rounds out the fleet to provide some “traditional” gold running. Bianco’s Haulers come aboard to provide a smidge of protection while she’s docked and exploring an island for the first time, or stopping off at one previously explored by the Fishhook.