12 Fleet Multiplayer Game! January 7th, 2015

The 12 Fleet Multiplayer Game – January 2015

I’ve been preparing for the huge multiplayer game. There will be 12 fleets. Shocked

Normally for multiplayer games there are 3 islands for each player (36 total in this case) and 6 treasures per player. However, partly due to space constraints and partly due to the fact that less wild islands may lead to more battling and excitement, there will be 30 islands total instead of 36. However, each fleet will still bring 6 coins apiece for a total of 72 coins. This will leave 4 gold on each island instead of the usual 3 for a multiplayer game (72 gold/18 wild islands).

I think the order of play will go in the order that I have laid out the fleets in, which was completely random.

I’ve listed the fleets below (not in the order of play). However, most of the fleets from MT have been modified in some way. The only events allowed are Divers and Rafts, which means that no fleet is using Hidden Cove or Becalmed. In addition I had to make a few edits to make things work. Lastly, I’m going to try to include some of the UT’s that are in the linked fleets, but with 6 coins instead of 8 and so many islands that a fleet won’t be able to get to, some will not be included.

Finally, some of these fleets are between 40 and 45 points even if they don’t technically have a 0LR +5 crew listed. At this point it’s trivial details and is necessary to save time, plus the fleets are already messed up after taking out all of the Hidden Coves, lol.

Extra Action Gold Runners

UPS v. 2.0

Silver Crane (UPS v. 4.0)

HMS Grand Temple v 2.0

Dead Man’s Chest UT Fleet

A modified version of volt’s “Gimmick #2 – Chain of Fools” fleet:
Bonnie Liz + helmsman, explorer
Bloody Jewel + helmsman, explorer
USS James Madison + tribal chieftain
American Native Canoes

A fleet using stuff I just got (literally a few days ago) from volt, selvaxri, and rhyrneson:
Cannibal King + Hammersmith (F&S), oarsman
(I wanted to use my first kraken anyway since I’ve been waiting ages to get ahold of one. However, I forgot about her universal crew-cancelling ability! When I saw it I realized I HAD to use it in a game like this with so many crew (12 fleets worth!)) 

A modified version of USS Kettering – Deadly Weapon:
USS Kettering + Brent Rice, captain
Peacock + oarsman

A modified version of the El Garante/Native Canoes fleet:
El Garante + Amore, Nemesio Diaz, Duque Alfonso de Castilla, helmsman, tribal chieftain
Spanish Native Canoes

American Pirates:
Roanoke + Captain Blackheart, Commodore Perry, helmsman, explorer, oarsmen x2
Amity + explorer

A new Barbary Corsair fleet:
Nubian Prince + Murat Rais, captain, helmsman
Winds of Vengeance + explorer
Golden Peacock

A new Jade Rebellion fleet:
Grand Mountain + Dragon Eyes, Li Quin, helmsman, Stinkpot Shot (can’t wait to use this one haha)
Virtuous Wind + captain, explorer


I’ve set up all 30 islands, 10 of which are mysterious and can’t be chosen as home islands, and I’ve put down some terrain. There will be 6 of each type of terrain. I’ve strung some reefs together up north to almost block the passage between two islands. Of the six icebergs four of them are stuck together in two different pairs to form larger icebergs that will move as one berg. Once I get some pictures the whole setup will become more clear.

I don’t know if this is the biggest multiplayer game (in terms of the total number of fleets) ever for Pirates CSG. Even if it’s not, it may be the biggest conglomeration of fleets from MT involved in a single game. There are multiple fleets from myself and darrin, as well as fleets from lordstu and volt, not to mention the Garante/Canoes combo was from woelf.

I’m super stoked for this game! Part of the reason I’m posting this now is so the actual report won’t be as long, though I’ll probably just edit this post and add it on so it’s not confusing. It may take more than one day to complete. With so many fleets out there I can’t wait to see what happens! From my previous reports you can already see what havoc is created with fleets like UPS and El Garante/HMS GT/Roanoke, etc. Imagine all those with a bunch of other fleets, Dragon Eyes, tons of UT’s, and a brand-new kraken thrown in! Looking forward to some multiplayer mayhem!


The game has gotten under way! Here’s a few pics of the setup once the HI’s were picked and the treasure distributed.
12 fleet game setup

Looking northeast with the EA Gold Runners fleet in the foreground:

Looking northwest with UPS v 4.0 at the bottom:

Turn 1: 
The Bandido (from the Roanoke fleet) was the first ship to reach an island, but she didn’t have an explorer. Her friend the Amity reached another island and was the first ship to explore.

UPS v 2.0 has no chance of winning this game automtically because it relies on the “more than half the starting gold” rule. However, the Hai Peng/CJS/Aristide combo is still quite powerful in multiplayer. On the first turn the Hai Peng found the Dead Man’s Chest UT, which pretty much sunk the hopes of lordstu’s DMC fleet (which isn’t a very good fleet for multiplayer games anyway). The HP sacced her oarsman to explore two different islands, and she didn’t find any negative UT’s. Paradis de la Mer was built on the second island she visited.

The Bonnie Liz (from the modified version of volt’s fleet) found Natives on a northeastern island near their HI. With a helmsman and explorer aboard the Bonnie Liz she would be out for turns 2 and 3. The Bloody Jewel explored a nearby island and found Jail, Letter of Marque, Enemy of the State, and a 5! Her crew were transferred to the jail back home (lol) and the Jewel was turned into a Mercenary ship. With all five American native canoes nearby it was easy for them to transfer the 5 directly to their home island, with the first use of the chain already in place on turn 1!

The EA Runners fleet is the last fleet to go each turn and the Joya del Sol was frustrated by a Mysterious Island that wouldn’t let her explore.

An interesting situation brews in the northeast as the American canoes start working their magic.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Turn 2:
On the second turn the icebergs started moving. To make them more relevant a die is rolled at the beginning of every fleet’s turn, but each iceberg can only move once per overall turn. In this way it is likely that every iceberg moves every turn, but not into multiple ships or anything crazy like that. The two double icebergs move as one when either of their rolls come up.

The Jade Rebellion was the first fleet. The Virtuous Wind found Wine on an island she explored, which was ironic because she already has the HI-raiding ability. It will be interesting to see if she can pull off a combo using both her ability and the UT on the same turn at some point in the game. The Grand Mountain took the first shot of the game and eliminated one of the American canoes.

The Peacock towed the Minuteman (part of the modified Kettering fleet) into position in the west and sank the Banshee’s Cry. The best ship in the game was the first ship sunk in this game. The Minuteman also took a mast off the Raven’s Neck. With the Dead Man’s Chest already aboard the super fast Hai Peng and the Cry sunk, the DMC fleet was all but out of it on the second turn.

Speaking of the Hai Peng, she could only send one coin home on the second turn, using it to build Dead Man’s Point on the island west of the HP’s HI.

The Raven’s Neck got back at the Peacock by taking off her mizzenmast.

The Coral (from UPS v 4.0) found Wolves on an island north of her HI. With no musketeers or Marines anywhere in the game, a new house rule was created on the spot. Wolves would be eliminated if hit three times on the same turn. The Longshanks tried her luck with this but only hit once.

The American canoes now helped out the immobile Bonnie Liz, using their ability to transfer another gold coin to their HI. This was the perfect time for a chain, with a friendly ship immobilized by Natives (and therefore unable to bring the gold home herself) at a nearby wild island. The chain-exploring strategy was working perfectly thus far! In the meantime, the USS James Madison (carrying the tribal chieftain) stayed at the HI because the Grand Mountain (with Dragon Eyes aboard) was lurking and there were no other islands right nearby for the James Madison to explore.

The Star of Siam (part of the EA Runners fleet) found my brand-new Plague UT! Sean Gallows died and the Star left the other gold on the island because she couldn’t dock it at her HI and she didn’t want to transfer it to the Joya because this would kill all the crew aboard the Joya as well.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

The western situation heats up as the Peacock and Minuteman engage the Raven’s Neck. You can see the gold already accumulating on the HI of UPS 2.0.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

The situation in the northeast develops rather slowly. Somehow the tiny canoes and weakened Pirate ships stay safe from the dangerous Grand Mountain and Cannibal King. The canoes have moved home a coin from the docked Bonnie Liz.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Turn 3:
The Grand Mountain started off the third turn by sinking the Bloody Jewel, who was already missing a mast from a bad MI roll.

The Nubian Prince initiated combat against the Garante fleet in the northwest, picking off two of the five Spanish canoes and sending 1 gold to the bottom of the sea.

The Cannibal King wanted to board the Bonnie Liz and steal her remaining gold, but she came out of the fog bank on the wrong side.

The Peacock/Minuteman combo knocked two more masts off the Raven’s Neck and one off the Morocco.

The USS Kettering sneaked up behind the Golden Peacock of the Barbary Corsairs. With only two of her three masts in range the powerful longship sank the Golden Peacock and all 9 gold she was carrying! With the BC HI nearby and the Peacock’s galley ability Brent Rice just decided to sink her. This was a huge blow to the Corsairs, leaving them with the Nubian Prince but only one other gold ship, the S+S-moving Winds of Vengeance.

In the southeast, the Coral had used the MI effect from the island with Wolves on it to move the Roanoke temporarily out of range. Captain Blackheart of the Roanoke didn’t appreciate this and sacced one of his oarsmen to move twice and blast two masts off the Longshanks. In the meantime the Amity docked home 3 coins and Spices to double the highest-value coin.

With the incredibly dangerous HMS Grand Temple looming in a fog bank, the Hai Peng of UPS 2.0 ducked into the same fog bank to protect herself.

The Grand Temple emerged on her turn and headed straight for Paradis de la Mer. With an SAT from Crimson Angel the GT had 12 shots at the powerful fort. She hit Paradis 4 times before doing any considerable damage, but by the end of it the fort was abandoned, with just one more hit needed to destroy it!

The Morocco docked at an island as the Raven’s Neck continued to battle the Peacock, dismasting her with a ram. However, the Minuteman was still in play and wouldn’t go down so easily.

With the only nearby island available filled with Wolves and with the dangerous Roanoke attacking from the east, UPS 4 was in a terrible spot. With two masts off the Longshanks they only had 2 cannons in range of the Wolves (with the Coral being the other gun), not enough to eliminate them. UPS 4 had no options whatsoever. They decided to risk everything (as they had no choice) and start over by putting their entire fleet (including the usually docked Sea Crane) through a whirlpool. They came out of it in the far northwest corner (near the Garante fleet) with Captain Jack Hawkins of the Longshanks the only casualty. In this way UPS 4 went from being the fleet farthest to the southeast to being the fleet farthest to the northwest, the complete opposite side of the sea!

The chain of American canoes brought home a second coin from the still-immobile Bonnie Liz, leaving her with only one more coin on board.

The EA Runners ended the days action by using the Joya’s newly docked gold to build El Puerto Blanco on the island where the Star of Siam was docked.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

The Nubian Price has engaged the Spaniards, with a sacrificial canoe now blocking her passage past the fog bank to save time for the rest of the fleet. El Garante has loaded Holy Water from a canoe to protect her numerous crew from harm (as if 5 masts and Nemesio Diaz weren’t enough!). UPS 4 has emerged from the whirlpool mostly intact after their skirmish with the Roanoke and Wolves.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

The hardest-fought action of the game so far, with the Peacock and Raven’s Neck broken and splintered by the conflict.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

If there’s a ship that can crush Paradis de la Mer on one turn all by herself, look no further than the HMS Grand Temple!
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

The Grand Mountain and Cannibal King draw closer as the American canoes desperately try to get more gold home from the immobile Bonnie Liz:
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Three turns have been played so far, with quite a lot of action and intrigue! Hopefully more turns will be played tomorrow.


Turn 4: 
On the beginning of the fourth turn, Kray-kin rolled a 6! This cancelled all crew abilities for all 12 fleets for the entire turn, which would mess with strategies and plans in a big way. Because of the lack of crew options, not much happened on turn 4 that was significant. The Minuteman sank the Morocco, while the Sea Crane sank herself by docking at a MI and having terrible dice luck. A house rule was used where MI’s could sink ships.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Turn 5:
The Grand Mountain took out the second American canoe.

In the northwest the Nubian Price got a good broadside in range of the Garante but her captain was cancelled by Nemesio Diaz.

The Kray-kin surrounded the Hai Peng! UPS 2’s most valuable ship was trapped by the kraken.

The Minuteman continued her firing, sinking the Raven’s Neck and knocking the Dead Man’s Chest fleet out of the game (1st fleet eliminated).

USS Kettering sank the Winds of Vengeance just as she had the Golden Peacock, single-handedly crushing any hope the Barbary Corsairs had of winning the game.

The Grand Temple used an SAT from Crimson Angel to sail east and sink the Roanoke in a perfect shoot action. This left the Amity and Bandido vulnerable without the protection of a gunship.

UPS 4 was having a rough time in the northwest corner after abandoning their plans when confronted with the Roanoke and Wolves. The Sea Crane had been sunk and the Longshanks had only one mast and no crew. Her and the Coral were docked at the same island, but the Longshanks explored first in because of the possibility of finding a negative UT. It was worth considering because the Longshanks picked up Pandora’s Box! With so many fleets available only so many UT’s could fit on the Longshanks, and in the end she ended up carrying Homing Beacon, Mines, Enemy of the State, Maps of Hades, and Metal Hull.

The Garante sailed straight for USS Kettering and dismasted her with a combination of ramming and shooting, with the Kettering and Nemesio Diaz cancelling each other out. The Kettering was captured on the following turn which left this American fleet as the second to be eliminated. The Minuteman was still floating but unable to be given move actions.

As the Grand Mountain passed by the modified Chain of Fools fleet the James Madison (still docked) took a mast off the Jade 6 master.

The “plagued” Star of Siam sailed through a whirlpool to arrive in the northeastern portion of the sea.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015
kraken surround
kraken attack near home island
El Garante

Turn 6:
The Grand Mountain started the sixth turn by sinking the Bonnie Liz and another (3rd) American canoe.

In the south, the Kray-kin easily sank the Hai Peng, but UPS 2 used Raft to put the remaining two coins and 4 crew on the nearby island. The Coeur and Rover docked at the island to try to farm it’s mysterious qualities. They were successful in both cases, sending home 2 of the 4 coins on the island. How ironic that the fleet that uses CJS to send gold home was now using it’s perpetually docked one masters to send gold home automatically via a MI! The Intrepide missed the derelict Rye, but she was still blocking Kray-kin from getting to the Coeur and Rover.

The Algeciras (from the EA Runners fleet) made the mistake of taking on the still-firing Minuteman, and she was sunk by the American flotilla.

With the Longshanks moving at S speed because of Metal Hull, the Coral was the only relevant ship left from UPS 4. She used the round earth rules to go from the west part of the sea to the east, emerging just south of where the Grand Mountain and American native canoes were.

The EA Runners scuttled the Algeciras, while the Joya del Sol went through a whirlpool to the deserted center area.
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Turn 7:
The Grand Mountain sank yet another (the 4th) American native canoe.

The Cannibal King finally got ahold of the Amity and put two of her three masts in the water. Kray-kin surrounded the Intrepide to get her out of the way.

The Amity used the Ghost Ship keyword to move through the Cannibal King and explore an island just to the northeast, where the last American canoe had docked and near where the Coral had just emerged.

The Grand Temple sank the Amity, flipping Divers to give GT 2 all the gold from the ship. With an SAT the Temple also sank the Cannibal King by using Lawrence to cancel the pesky Catamaran keyword.

The Joya del Sol docked at a previously unexplored island. All of her crew deserted after meeting the Missionary on the island. This left the EA Runners fleet with no crew, let alone EA crew! Meanwhile, the Star of Siam finally caught up with the Grand Mountain and infected the big ship with the Plague, taking out Dragon Eyes, Li Quin and a helmsman.

kraken surrounding a ship
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Turn 8: 
The Nubian Prince sank the Longshanks, leaving UPS 4 with only the Coral. The Coral sailed alongside the last remaining American native canoe and they began exchanging shots.

Kray-kin sank L’Intrepide, while the Rover was sunk by a Mysterious Island effect, leaving UPS 2 with only the Coeur.

The Grand Temple caught the Bandido and sent her to the bottom, which meant that GT 2 had eliminated the entire Roanoke fleet, which was the third fleet eliminated.

A Spanish canoe found Turtles on an island in the northwest. The Star of Siam purposely took back Plague from the now irrelevant (moving S with no crew) Grand Mountain and sailed off in search of new enemies to infect.

12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015
Coral vs. native canoe
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Turn 9:
Kray-kin rolled a 5, stalling the game quite a bit. The American canoe got the better of the Coral and dismasted her, marking UPS 4 as the 4th fleet to be eliminated. Because of Wine the Virtuous Wind couldn’t be shot at while within S of the James Madison’s HI, which left the James Madison to resort to other tactics.

Turn 10:
Kray-kin rolled a 6, marking the second turn in a row that no crew abilities could be used.

The Virtuous Wind pulled off her combo! Exchanging Wine for a 7 (originally transferred from the Bonnie Liz by the canoe chain) and stealing another coin, the Virtuous Wind was able to take two coins in one turn. The James Madison failed to steal any back, losing both the ram and board on her turn. This eliminated the tribal chieftain,, though with only one canoe left it wasn’t very important.

The Garante sailed up behind the Nubian Prince and took off three of her masts by cancelling her ability with Nemesio Diaz (I house-ruled that Holy Water protected the Garante’s crew from Kray-kin’s cancellation).

Finally, the Joya del Sol returned intact from her whirlpool adventure, alas four less crew and two more gold coins than she left with!


Turn 11:
The Grand Mountain managed to sink the last American native canoe, while the Virtuous Wind took off away from the James Madison.

The crew of the once-glorious Nubian Prince decided to dash her on the rocks of an unfriendly MI. With her fleetmates sunk, her helmsman dead and 3 of her 4 masts missing the Corsairs gave up and the Prince was wrecked. The Barbary Corsairs were the 5th fleet eliminated.

The Grand Temple, still intact after shooting her way through Paradis de la Mer and the Roanoke, used another SAT to fly through a whirlpool and emerge in the northwest, where she began blasting turtles out of the water and sinking a Spanish canoe that had a treasure on it. The Garante hit her once in three tries in a retaliatory attempt, but the Garante was too far to get more guns in range and her trusty canoes were nowhere to be found to boost her cannons.

Try and catch me!
Try and catch me!
12 Fleet Multiplayer Game!  January 7th, 2015

Turn 12: 
The Kray-kin sank the Coeur to end the game! With 6 (therefore half) of the fleets eliminated, the game was over! I wanted to play until there were no ships or gold left but due to time constraints I played by the regular multiplayer rules.

The final gold count: 
1. EA Gold Runners: 34 gold
2. Roanoke fleet: 26 gold
3. Jade Rebellion: 16 gold
3. UPS v 2.0: 16 gold (listed lower because they were eliminated)
5. HMS Grand Temple v 2.0: 14
6. Garante/Canoes fleet: 9 (including 7 turtles still swimming in the water lol)
7. Modified version of Chain of Fools: 7
8-12. UPS v 4.0, USS Kettering fleet, Kray-kin fleet, Dead Man’s Chest UT fleet and the Barbary Corsair fleet all finished with 0 gold.

This was a fun game! The EA Runners overcame the discovery of two of the nastiest UT’s in the game, Plague and Missionary. They were lucky not to be shot at, with the exception of the Algeciras being sunk by the Minuteman, which was largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. The Amity and Bandido performed quite well for the Roanoke fleet, while the Roanoke herself deterred UPS 4 from doing much in a similar area where the Roanoke fleet was. The Jade Rebels would have finished with 8 gold (and Chain of Fools with 15) if not for the Virtuous Wind’s late-game dash. UPS 2 did fantastic early on but was crushed later in the game by the power of the Grand Temple and the Kray-kin. HMS GT 2 did quite well for themselves by using Divers at an opportune time and grabbing 4 gold with the derelict Rye. The Garante/Canoes fleet actually did quite well considering they were attacked by the Nubian Prince and didn’t have any fast treasure runners. Given time they could have explored another island and/or unleashed the Garante on more enemy ships. The Chain of Fools fleet was a bit outnumbered and was dogged by the Jade Rebellion all game long. Finding Jail, Enemy of the State, and Natives on the first turn doesn’t help either! I was surprised that UPS 4 and the Barbary Corsairs didn’t get any gold. UPS 4 had to deal with Wolves to the north, the Roanoke to the east and eventually UPS 2 and Paradis de la Mer to the west! Their ships were eliminated later on by a Mysterious Island, Pandora’s Box, and an American native canoe haha! The Corsair gold runners were dominated by the Kettering which didn’t leave much hope of getting gold. The DMC, Kettering, and Kray-kin fleets didn’t stand much of a chance of winning this game in the first place, but they certainly added to the fun and created some havoc for each other and the opposing fleets!

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